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Everywhere charger SOLAR SHEET CHARGER GN-050

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Charge your electric devices everywhere you cannot find the power source!
Light and hand-rolled Solar sheet charger.
To be able to charge your smartphone directly from Solar sheet charger.
You can charge your electric device to obtain the power by a USB cable.


Rolled-up Solar sheet charger and stored into an attached storing bag
Rolled-up Solar sheet charger (Left)
and stored into an attached storing bag(Right).
A fan with USB power supply.
A fan with USB power supply.
LED light is available as long as there's the sunlight.
LED light is available as long as there's the sunlight.
  • Solar sheet charger generates the power by sunlight.
  • Charge directly your electric devices from Solar sheet charger through a USB cable.
  • Resistant to bending and impact, Solar sheet charger can be rolled up and stored.
  • The eyelets on it make you easy to turn the photosensitive surface towards the sunlight to hook a roof or tree branches.
    Everywhere charger SOLAR SHEET  GN-050
  • Made in Japan
  • The current value of output changes depending on the sunshine condition. When the current decreases, an attention would appear on the screen of smartphone. At that time, pull out the cable once and reconnect it in a location with strong sunshine. In case the output is uncertain, please charge the attached LED charger, or a portable battery charger.
  • If there is ultraviolet (UV) cut glass, the power generation capacity of the sheet may be lowered.
  • When you operate the smartphone while generating and charging with the solar sheet charger, charging may not work properly.
  • Please refrain from operating your smartphone while charging.
  • Charging may not be possible while the smartphone application is launched.
  • Close all the application and start charging.
  • Even if it fulfills above conditions, we do not guarantee that all smartphones and mobile batteries will be charged properly.

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Model GN-050 Product name Solar sheet charger 5W type
JAN code 4942465024121 Main material Amorphous silicon
Maximum power generation capacity(W) *1 5.4 Dimension (mm) L500×W250 t=1
(Protrusions excluded)
Maximum output power (W)*2 4.75 Weight (kg) Approx. 0.14
Maximum output voltage (V)*2 5.0 Packing size(mm) L300×D90×H90
Maximum output current (A)*2 0.95 Packing weight(kg) Approx. 0.17
Operating temperature  *3 0℃~+60℃ Storage temperature *4 -20℃~+60℃
Operating humidity  *4 85%RH or less (Unless condensation) Accessories Storing bag(with strings)×1
Waterproof property *5 IP65 (USB box excluded) Download drawings CAD DXF CAD DWG CAD PDF

*1 Maximum power generation capacity is a value of a single solar sheet that dose not go through circuits in the USB box.
*2 The value is not guranteed because the power efficiency is depending on the sunlight conditions.
*3 If it is used in an environment out of the usage conditions, the circuit function in the USB box may deteriorate and the product's original performance may not be obtained.
*4 In an environment out of operating humidity or storage conditions, the product may deteriorate significantly or result in breakdown.
*5 Do not splash water on the USB box because USB box is not waterproof. In case water comes into the USB box, strongly recommend to use it after thoroughly drying.

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