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TFX-3000S / TFX-2000S / TFX-1000S

This product is EOS on September, 2021.

Self-Powered Pole Street Light

  • TFX-3000S

  • TFX-2000S

  • TFX-1000S
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Maintenance-free, next generation self-powered pole street light, works by solar sheet (model: CG1001) and batteries (model: IP1001).


High efficiency and safety

High efficiency and safety High efficiency solar sheet (model CG1001) and high safety battery (model IP1001) are used.

Not required grid system

Not required grid system The independent power source without grid system or electrical work.

Bright LED light

Bright LED light Make the place safe with LED light, where are difficult to reach the grid system.

Saving the space

Saving the space No flat solar panels or battery boxes. This design helps saving space.

Strong wind resistant

Strong wind resistant The pole without cable is able to resist the strong wind such as typhoon, hurricane, and cyclone.

High generation stability

High generation stability The vertically generation surface makes high generation stability and long maintenance-free period not to pile up snow or fall leaves.
  • The completely independent gereration pole combined with a solar sheet.
  • Battery units are placed inside the pole. Max. 1056Wh capacities.
  • The battery (model IP1001) is safe and maintenance free.
  • The wind resistant is maximum 60 m/s by Japanese standard installation.
  • Pole will be the independent power source to apply the LED light, security cameras, or Wi-Fi routers. (Custom order)
  • Three type body color, Silver, Grain pattern, and Earth green.

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Quality of Solar Cell and Battery Cell

Solar Cell (Cell model : CG1001)

CG1001 is flexible solar cell with 18.3% of high efficiency.
It can be stuck or wrapped on the curved surfaces due to thin, flexible and light weight.
Its advantages are rustproof, unbreakable, and high durability.

Battery Cell (Cell model : IP1001)

IP1001 is proud of fast charging and high rate discharging, and excellent cycle life.
Environmentally friendly battery with low risk of explosion and ignition.
Our technology makes the battery packs smaller, and it is installed inside the Self-powered pole.

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Installation case

TFX Installation case
TFX Installation case
TFX Installation case

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Self-Powered Pole Street Light Specifications

Type TFX-3000S TFX-2000S TFX-1000S
Product appearance TFX-3000S TFX-2000S TFX-1000S
Solar Material Model : CG1001
Maximum output
(P Max)
250W 125W 80W
Water proof properties IP65
Battery Material Model : IP1001
Capacity 1024Wh 512Wh 256Wh
Water proof properties IP65
Body Color S:Silver, M:Grain pattern, G:Earth green
Dimensions (mm) φ280×L4780 φ190×L4755 φ190×L3488
Weight (kg) 150 120 90
(Surface finishing)
Steel pipe Hot-dip galvanization
Operation temperature -10℃~+45℃
Wind resistant
(Wind Speed)
60m/s (with Japanese standard installation)
Installation Base plate type
LED light Power Consumption (W) 20W 10W 4W
Color Temperature (K) 6000~6500
Luminous flux (LM) 1456 1200 400
Color rendering index Ra > 70

* Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

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