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Solar Street Light TFL-100 / TFL-101

The Solar street light does not require the electrical work suit for off-grid areas around the world.

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TFL-100 Spec
TFL-101 Spec

TerraSerde solar street light combines amorphous solar power sheets, LED lights, and batteries.
A tool for those who need help with crime and accident prevention in off-grid areas.

Key Features

solar street light TFL-100
Schematic drawing
solar street light TFL-100
solar street light TFL-100 solar street light TFL-100
Day and Night
  • Developed for off-grid areas. The electrical work is not required.
  • Human control is not required due to turning on/off the light by generating the power or not.
  • Can be set a timer to turn off the light at an arbitrary time.
  • The solar sheet module can be installed by wrapping around on any length of pole from Ø90mm to Ø400mm.
  • The vertically installed solar sheet module is less affected by heavy rain, strong winds, and dust.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • High quality, durable solar power generating sheets made in Japan.
  • Can be installed on the existing facilities and low installable costs.
  • Easy moving and re-installation.

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Installation example

Easy installation in various conditions.

solar street light TFL-100

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Model TFL-100 TFL-101
JAN code 4942465018960 4942465023674
Packing size W560mm x D510mm x H260mm
Gross weight Approx. 13kg Approx. 17kg
Solar sheet Main materials Amorphous silicon, ETFE
Nominal output *1 Maximum 16W / DC12V
Dimensions L1337mm x W280mm t=2mm (Excluding protrusions), Output cable(L=4000mm)
Weight Approx. 0.4Kg
Operating temperature *2 -20°C ∼ +60°C
Waterproof property IP46
Battery box Main materials ASA resin (Box)
Battery Sealed lead-acid battery Silicon battery
Battery capacity 228Wh (10 hour rate) 430Wh (10 hour rate)
System voltage 12V
Charging time *1 48 hours 72 hours
Non-sunshine lighting capacity Approx. 40 hours (8 hours x 5 days)
Dimensions W300mm x H520mm x D180mm
Weight Approx. 12Kg Approx. 15Kg
Operating temperature *2 -15°C ∼ +50°C
Operating humidity *2 Less than 85%RH (No condensation inside the box)
Waterproof property IP44
LED light Main materials ASA resin (Body)
Acrylic transparent resin (Transparent cover)
ZAM steel plate (Arm)
LED High brightness type x9 High brightness type x18
Total luminous flux 162 lm 318 lm
Power consumption 2.0W 4.0W
Dimensions L385mm x W100mm x H80mm (Lighting part only), Power cable (L=4000mm)
Weight Approx. 0.6Kg
Operating temperature *2 -20°C ∼ +50°C
Waterproof property IP45
Standard accessories Resin band (W: 10mm, L: 0.9m) x10, Stainless band (W: 10mm, L: 0.9m) ×3
Key x1, Glass tube fuse (5A) x2
Pillar metal fitting x2, Pan-sems screw (M3 x 20mm) x4

*1 Since the power generation efficiency changes depending on the sunshine conditions, the above values are not guaranteed.
*2 Under the environment that exceeds the oparating conditions, the main body may deteriorate significantly and cause a malfunction.

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