Our Strengths

Product Development Expertise Chiefly Clean Energy

We excel at the development combining solar cell and battery due to the experiences in the development from 2010 though there are many companies that develop each alone. Our strength is its unique technique to appropriately combine them.

The electricity generation and storage capacities depend on its congenial/uncongenial.
We provide efficient products which minimize the loss of the generated with Battery Management System (BMS).

Full support from development to manufacture utilizing the resource of OS group

Next Japan Marketing Center Co., Ltd. is aiming to popularize electricity generation and storage system using solar power towards to a carbon-neutral society. We design and plan the products can be used for crime/disaster prevention or in off-grid areas.
The products can be delivered with high quality in quick turn since will be manufactured at OSM, our domestic mother factory.
As per your request, we product even small-lot such as “ODM supply” and “In-progress products for customer brand”.
We are engaged in being a domestic EMS company with flexibility and bring “relief, safety, and comfortableness” to the society.