Mini Vegetable Factory “DR-1V1”

Electronic Work & Vegetable Growing

Mini Vegetable Factory is the kitted teaching material of “Monodzukuri Dr. KidsKey Academy” which is the education business of Next Japan Marketing Center Co., Ltd.
No other is needed since Mini Vegetable Factory contains all the necessary electric parts such as original printed board, transistor, and IC.

With red/blue LED which wavelength fits chlorophyll absorption band and white LED which is also to be ornamental light source both light quantities taken into consideration its photosynthetic reaction/fast growth and photoperiod can be performed detailed programing.

Electric parts are not the only ones contained the kit.
E-learning can be used with the given ID and password. It will be a great help to understand the circuit configuration, the mechanism, and the assembling method.

The best electronic work material for summer science project and observation diary. After the completion, can enjoy the grown plants.

Supervised by Mr. Yoshio Nishida, Part-time lecturer at Kansai University, Next Japan Marketing Center Co., Ltd.

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Main Features

Mini Vegetable Factory is the electronic work teaching material with a printed board allows you to get used to electric parts and experience soldering.
It contains all the necessary electric parts such as original printed board, transistor, and IC and plants are grown by the LED after the completion.

  • Both electronic work (electronics) and cultivation (agriculture) can be studied.
  • The program leads the red, blue, and white LEDs light and flash at the best timing for growing plants.
  • The original printed board makes the building easier even for schoolchildren.
  • Sprouts are grown by artificial photosynthesis by LED lights.
  • Enjoy the sprouts after the experiment.
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Important Points

The edge of the iron will be about 350 degrees. Do not leave a child alone, make sure to do it with instructor or guardian.

Necessary items for from assembling to cultivation
PC or tablet accessible to internet, radio pliers, cutting nippers, tweezers, goggles, soldering iron, soldering iron stand with cleaner, 3 pcs of alkaline AA batteries, and seeds of sprout.

Eating the plants after the experiment
You can have them, but please pay attention to hygiene washing them well before eating.

Dedicated web page
Accessible for one year from the date first logged in.